Prayer of the Congrega of Our Lady of Sacro Monte

O Most Holy Virgin of the Mount, honored by belonging to thy congregation, I place myself confidently beneath the mantle of thy mercy. Protect me from all spiritual and temporal evil, grant that my soul may be always filled with the grace of God, and peace and prosperity to my family. Render me worthy of thy graces in this life and of eternal joy in heaven.

Hail Holy Queen, etc.

V. Our Lady of Sacro Monte.

R. Pray for us.

Novena to Our Lady of Sacro Monte

I. Most Holy Virgin, great Mother of the Son of God, Mary, I venerate thee, and I bless thee as the Mother of my God and of my Redeemer, in this holy place, by thee prechosen to show forth thy marvels and thy greatness.  Thy beginnings are situated on the incommensurable heights above all Saints and all Blessed Spirits. And this Mountain is the great symbol of the creation of the being of the Mother of God. And it is also this Divine Maternity that destroys and annihilates all heresy. And the True Faith of Jesus Christ is fixed on a solid base, with a beautiful surrounding light that enables one to discern without ever being led astray.

O Holy Virgin obtain this immaculate faith for me, this faith that is implanted and reaffirmed in my heart, so that in the muddy torrent that threatens to engulf the world, thou mayest keep my soul, by thee sustained, pure until the last breath of life.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Creed

II. Beautiful Virgin and my most loved Mother, when I consider thy greatness and thy mercy, an ecstasy of joy enraptures me, my heart is enlarged and is comforted, and my soul unto thee is taken, and in thy bosom takes rest. This reminds me also of how great thou art, and how thou art a pious and tender Mother. Oh! The beautiful hope that awakens. Oh! May I fly to thy feet according to the Prophet to bask in thy beauty and to be sustained in miseries and agonies. O Mother Divine, through thee for the first time this beautiful Hope, daughter of Heaven, bathed the world, and for the first time soothing balm descended into the lowly hearts of the unhappy to console them, when you gave birth to the Savior of Mankind.

This Hope, O Lady, instill into my heart, which is not the deceptive hope of the world. Grant that this will lift my gaze from the filth of the earth and that I may look at nothing but heaven, that I may repose in Jesus Christ, and in your bosom suckle the milk which will feed my heart, until I enter heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Creed

III. Most sweet and most pure Mother of the Son of God, on this Sacred Mountain raise high thine image to be venerated by countries far and wide from here. Call the people, who prostrate at your feet exclaim: Glory to the Lord. With all nations I unite myself as well to call thee Blessed, as thou hast foretold. Thou font of love, Mother of beautiful charity, thou art like the splendid flame on a high mountain, raised up to illuminate all hearts. In thee, therefore is the hope of every life, of every virtue. Oh, Mary thus turn to me a most benign gaze of compassion and of love, look at this cold soul, which is almost dead and without hope of life, because it does not see through the eyes of God, does not hope in God, does not love God, does not love his Divine Redeemer.

Hasten, O Mother to this soul in so great a state of ruin. Reawaken my faith, rekindle my hope, and with a ray of your ardent love penetrate my heart, so that it is consumed in these divine flames and to become part of thy blessed Glory.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Creed

IV. Most powerful Queen, Empress of the Universe, most Merciful Mary, never has anyone come to thee and left unconsoled and afflicted.  To all thou givest thyself as benevolent and holy. This temple, this Holy Place, chosen by thee, by thee loved and with many wonders by thee consecrated, have assured me that I will never be that unhappy soul who at your feet will ever leave without being heard.  Wretched sinner that I am, I run straight to your mercy that opens its bosom to welcome these poor misguided souls. Thou art the Mother, thou, the Queen of all who are afflicted.  From thee I ask for refreshment and help. Thou art the Mother, the font of every grace, and without Thee I have no hope of having any grace. Fly therefore to my aid, and pour upon me that salutary price of my redemption which has been placed in your hands. Wash my soul with pain that is efficacious and grant me true resolve from every stain of sin.  Grant that my faith never wavers, that my hope will always rest in my God.

Grant that I will love Him, but with divine love, with supreme love, with immortal love. Grant these petitions, O Mother (and here ask for your particular petition), and for this I have come also to thy feet, and I ask thee this by thy great mercy, only if this will be beneficial to my soul. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Creed

vesting prayersHymn to Our Lady of Sacro Monte

Maronna re lu Monte, auta e bella,

Regina re lu cielo e de la terra,

Auta e bella.   

Regina re lu cielo e de la terra.

Maronna re lu Monte, auta e sovrana

Io pecco e Vui preate e Dio perdona,

Auta e sovrana.

Io pecco e Vui preate e Dio perdona.

Le stelle re lu cielo sò corone,           

l’angiuli m’Paradiso festa fanno.

Sò corone,

L’angiuli m’Paradiso festa fanno.

Lasso la santa notte a la Maronna,

A la beata Vergine Maria.

A la Maronna,

A la beata Vergine Maria.

Mi vieni a guardà la notte, quanno rormo,

Lu iuorno quanno vavo ppè la via

Quanno rormo.

Lu iuorno quanno vavo ppè la via.

The Ave of Sacro Monte

1. Di Novi sul Monte

Venimmo a pregar

Venimmo alla fonte

Di grazie a cantar.

R. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! 

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

2. Sul monte da pria

Destanate terror,

Poi sacro a Maria

Sorriso d’amor. Ave…

3.Venimmo sorretti

Nel lungo cammin

Da teneri affetti,

Da fuoco divin. Ave…

4. E qui sugli alpestri

Dirupi Lucan

Si accesero gli estri

Del cantico arcan. Ave…

5.O Madre d’Amore,

Ravviva la fe’

Nel languido cuore,

Che venne al tuo pie’. Ave…

Ancient Hymn to Our Lady of Sacro Monte

Tu veneranda Madre,

Sull’alta tua pendice

Qual novella fenice

Ponesti il nido.

Nel mar tirreno infido

Tu guidi i naveganti

Che chiedono supplicanti

Il grato porto.

Tu gioia, tu conforto

Di tutti quei divoti

Che vengono con voti

Al Sacro Monte.

I tuoi cerini e il fonte

Che mandi con amore

Scciano i morbi fuore

Del corpo umano

Sarebbe affato insano

Chi a te non ricoresse,

E grazie non chiedesse

Al suo prostrato.

Cosi rinconfortato

Dal tuo materno aspetto

Lieto chiuderà tu petto

Un cuor contrite

Su questo algente sito

Col leggiardo viso

Ci formi il paradiso

Fra queste mura.

Nessun devoto cura

L’asprezza del viaggio

Per tributarti omaggio

Su tanta altezza.

Di celestial belleza

Immacolato Giglio

Per noi se preghi il figlio

Sarem beati.

E quando debellati

Saranno i tre nemici

Te goderem felici

Col Figlio eterno.